First Monthly Diary

With this my new website I have decided to write a monthly diary. So this is my first.

With my painting & drawing I am rethinking my subject-matter, thinking how I can make it more personal. I still love combining sections of favourite paintings, but I want to incorporate elements of colour and pattern – this can be seen in my earlier paintings, which were heavily influenced by Indian painting. I also like the idea of letters and writing …..can this be to do with my husband, also an artist, whose work often is do with writing? But I enjoy poetry and the visual thoughts I get when reading a poem. Somehow all these ideas put together will, I hope, create an interesting subject-matter to take further.

Going to exhibitions – I get quite emotional, as certain types of work really affect me…

Recently I went to St Paul’s Cathedral where Bill Viola has a permanent large-scale installation called ‘Mary and Martyrs’,  to do with human existence. His work is so compelling, it’s easy to go into a trance when looking at it. His attention to colour and detail is so acute.

Another favourite artist whose show I saw this month is Gillian Ayres. Her paintings, the colour, just makes me feel so good – the proportion of how she has divided her canvases or prints and where she places a shape, the size or the thickness of line is all so intriguing. The work does remind me a little of Alan Davie who I also liked.

A completely different feel of colour is when seeing the Sol LeWitt show at the Marian Goodman Gallery (a gallery I would love to live in!). LeWitt’s colour was so soporific it really pulls you in and up close the surface was so even and beautifully finished, if only one could touch or stroke the surface, so tactile.

I have to be honest and admit I wasn’t familiar with Michael Andrews’ work. So when I went to the Gagosian to see his work I was so surprised to see such beautiful paintings, the themes were earth, air and water. One particular painting called ’School 1’ of fish is so fascinating as it’s almost as if he has painted it on sandpaper, the graininess of the canvas, the underwater plants almost moving while the fluorescent blue fish swim by….quite beautiful.

I am always interested in the auctions of paintings at Sotheby’s and there have been some very good viewings this year of paintings from private collections and in particular Picasso’s ceramics.

Wonderful to see so close, so full of humour. What I like at Sotheby’s, unlike our national museums & galleries, is the respect for the viewer. Utmost silence – so it’s possible to stand & take in the ‘piece’ – no loud talking from others around you or children being allowed to shout or run around!